Donor Stories

The gift of life through organ, tissue and eye donation has a lasting impact on recipients, recipient families, donors and donor families. Hear inspirational, real-life stories from donor families whose loved ones impacted the lives of transplant recipients through the generous gift of donation.

Reat Underwood

When 14-year-old Reat Underwood went with his mother Mindy to get his driver’s permit, he said, “Mom, you are a donor, right?” After Mindy said yes, Reat turned with aRead More...

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Jason Keck

Jason Keck joined the Air Force after high school and then continued his service as part of the National Guard. He was committed to helping others, which made his decisionRead More...

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Dr. Larry Romang

Simply put, in the eyes of his family, Dr. Larry Romang was the “man who hung the moon.” His quiet confidence and ability to just enjoy the world around him,Read More...

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Hally Yust

Nine-year-old Hally Yust had a drive to do life big. She had a passion for basketball, water sports, and most importantly a love for Jesus. She declared that she wasRead More...

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Nhue “Kevin” Thong Hoang Nguyen

Energetic, funny and handsome are just a few words that Nhue Nguyen’s family use to describe him. When he tragically passed away at only 19 years old, his family madeRead More...

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Cynthia Hardaway

When Cynthia Hardaway suffered cardiac arrest on New Year’s Day 2014 while coming home from work and was pronounced brain dead at the hospital, her children Willie and LaCresha madeRead More...

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