Right now, nearly 2,500 people in Missouri and Kansas are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants.

At Midwest Transplant Network, we want that number to be zero.

Our community has done well so far. In fact, three-quarters of adults in both Missouri and Kansas are officially registered organ and tissue donors. But the need for organ donors continues to outpace the number of registrants—so, while those numbers are good, we believe we can do better.

That’s why we are running a comprehensive, multimedia public awareness initiative known as the Green Ribbon Campaign. Our goal: to make sure everyone in our region recognizes the green ribbon as a badge of honor representing the selfless act of becoming a registered organ donor, and the life-giving impact on those who receive transplants.

The Green Ribbon Campaign began in April 2018 to coincide with National Donate Life Month. By prominently displaying the green ribbon and featuring our Green Ribbon Champions across media outlets, in hospitals and DMVs, and on the lapels of proud registered donors (to name just a few places), we are elevating our efforts to increase awareness and inspire people to become registered donors.

Who are Green Ribbon Champions? They are a diverse group of leaders and well-known personalities throughout the region who are passionate about improving communities across Kansas and western Missouri. Each Champion has chosen to get involved with our campaign because he or she understands the importance of the life-changing—and lifesaving—gift of organ and tissue donation.

So when you see the green ribbon, please share with others what it stands for: giving hope and sharing life through organ donation. Together with our Green Ribbon Champions, partners, ambassadors, volunteers, donors and friends, we are inspiring action across the region to save and improve more lives. Join us in encouraging others to make a difference by joining the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, which takes only a few moments to complete at ShareLifeMidwest.com.