The green ribbon is a badge of honor, a symbol of giving hope and sharing life through organ, eye and tissue donation. It represents the simple act of saying yes – a small word that gives each of us the power to save up to eight lives and improve many more.

What, then, is a Green Ribbon Champion? The answer is not what, but who. Green Ribbon Champions are a diverse group of local leaders and well-known personalities who are passionate about increasing the number of registered organ donors in our communities across Kansas and Missouri. Each Green Ribbon Champion wanted to be involved with our campaign to make a difference. Each understands the importance of lifesaving and life-changing organ, tissue and eye donations. And, each has a story to share with you.

Jeff Jones | President and CEO, H&R Block

With 2018 marking the 15th anniversary of his father’s living-donor kidney transplant, Jeff Jones, our first Green Ribbon Champion, has a deeply personal connection to organ donation. His father is a kidney transplant recipient, and his aunt was the living donor who saved his father’s life. Jeff is sharing his family’s story to encourage others to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor.

“When I think about the 15 years that have passed since my father received his kidney transplant, it really puts the lifesaving factor into perspective. Without that gift from my aunt as his living donor, it’s very unlikely my dad would have been here to see my kids grow up.”

As an inspirational leader focused on innovation, Jeff joined H&R Block and our community in 2017 after serving in executive positions at several top U.S. and global companies in the retail, consumer products, agency and technology industries. In addition to his role as president and CEO of Kansas City-based H&R Block, he lends his time and talents to community outreach, having served non-profits such as Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center and others over the years.

Watch his story in the short video below:

We invite you to join us as we inspire others to give hope and share life through the generous gift of organ, eye and tissue donation. Learn more about the types of donation, including the option to be a living donor, and the incredibly positive emotional experiences for the donor and recipient alike.

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