Jake Reid, President and CEO of Sporting Kansas City, Inspires Matches that Matter — Both On and Off the Pitch

Jake Reid, Green Ribbon Champion, pictured here at Children’s Mercy Park, home of Sporting KC.
Jake Reid, Green Ribbon Champion, at Children’s Mercy Park, the home of Sporting KC

In life, as in soccer, goals are extremely important—and breaking records is always something to celebrate. That’s one reason Jake Reid chose to become a Green Ribbon Champion: to help spread the message that when we all say yes to organ and tissue donation, everybody wins.

Jake has been a registered organ and tissue donor since his first visit to the DMV as a teenager. He has also seen its lifesaving power firsthand. Two of his close friends are a husband-and-wife team living their best life after the wife donated a kidney to save her husband. Knowing how their lives were impacted, not to mention the couple’s children and family, is very powerful and humbling, Jake says. He is eager to do his part to ensure 2019 is another record-setting year for organ transplants in Kansas and Missouri.

“To me, it’s one of the greatest gifts that you can give. Think about the impact you can potentially have and what that means — not just to that person, but to everyone who knows that person.”

Jake Reid, Green Ribbon Champion

As an innovative and results-oriented leader, Jake is passionate about teamwork and service within the local community. In addition to his role as a Green Ribbon Champion, he serves on the board of several local non-profit organizations, including the Kansas City Sports Commission, Boys Hope Girls Hope of Kansas City and The Victory Project, which unites Sporting KC players, staff and fans to help children who are battling cancer. Given his dedication to children’s issues, it is no surprise that Jake was instrumental in the club’s strong and ever-growing partnership with Children’s Mercy Kansas City.

Jake’s confidence that Sporting KC fans will support the goal to increase organ donor registrations is undeniable. “They’re a passionate group, very socially active as a fan base,” he says, “and when they get excited about a cause, they really rally behind it.” With almost 2,000 children under age 18 currently on the national transplant waiting list—but only 1,895 children who received transplants last year—Jake knows we must dig deep to ensure we’re helping every child and adult in need. This is one goal that requires an assist from everyone.

Watch Jake’s story in the video below:


Together with Midwest Transplant Network and all the Green Ribbon Champions, Jake Reid invites you to join your state’s organ donor registry and encourage others to do the same. Learn more about the types of donation, including the option to be a living donor, and the incredibly positive emotional experiences for organ donor families and transplant recipients.

Join the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry today at ShareLifeMidwest.com.