At Midwest Transplant Network, we encourage reporters and media outlets throughout Kansas and western Missouri to share the news about our Green Ribbon Campaign and our goal of increasing the number of registered organ donors.

To assist with coverage, we have provided the following assets for download:

Press Releases

  • Midwest Transplant Network Continues Record-Breaking Momentum With Green Ribbon Campaign (April 2019) [PDF]
  • H&R Block CEO Continues to Lead in Giving Hope, Sharing Life (March 2019) [PDF]
  • Former KU Basketball Star Joins Green Ribbon Campaign (October 2018) [PDF]
  • Giving Hope and Sharing Life: Kansas and Missouri See Big Increases in Registered Organ Donors (October 2018) [PDF]
  • Miss Teen USA 2017 Seeks to Increase Organ Donation Registration (August 2018) [PDF]
  • Meteorologist Bryan Busby Raises Awareness for Organ and Tissue Donation (July 2018) [PDF]
  • H&R Block President and CEO Shares Lifesaving Message about Organ Donation (June 2018) [PDF]
  • Midwest Transplant Network Launches Green Ribbon Campaign for Organ Donation Awareness (April 2018) [PDF]

Fact Sheets & Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • Organ, Eye & Tissue Donation Fast Facts [PDF]
  • PSA Scripts (:15/:20/:30) for National Donate Life Month and Blue & Green Day [PDF]

Images & Videos

  • Green Ribbon Image [JPG] and [PNG]
  • Portrait of Alonzo Jamison and Shekinah Bailey [JPG]
  • Alonzo Jamison Green Ribbon Champion Video [YouTube]
  • Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff Portrait [JPG]
  • Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff Green Ribbon Champion Video [YouTube]
  • Bryan Busby Portrait [JPG]
  • Bryan Busby Green Ribbon Champion Video [YouTube]
  • Bryan Busby 30-second PSA Video [YouTube]
  • Jeff Jones Portrait [JPG]
  • Jeff Jones 30-second PSA Video [YouTube]


  • Midwest Transplant Network Logo [JPG] and [PNG]
  • Donate Life Logo (national) [JPG] and [PNG]
  • Donate Life Missouri Logo [JPG] and [PNG]
  • Donate Life Kansas Logo [JPG] and [PNG]

If you need additional assistance, including help facilitating an interview with a representative from Midwest Transplant Network, please contact:

Michala Stoker