Recipient Stories

Organ, tissue and eye donations can have a lasting impact on transplant recipients and their families. Hear inspirational, real-life stories from individuals who have received life-saving and life-changing transplants, thanks to the generosity of donors in Kansas and Missouri.

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Sarah Grant & Tori Walker

Generous, giving and compassionate are just a few of the words used to describe Sarah Grant. As a wife, mother, and an intensive care trauma nurse, it is these characteristics that make her so good at her job, and also made her the perfect person to want to donate one of her kidneys to nearly . . .

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Brendan Elam

Brendan Elam was born with a genetic disorder that eventually led to liver failure. In March 2012, he was placed on the liver transplant list and the wait for him and his family began. After being knocked off the list several times because he was too sick for transplant, his second chance came and Brendan . . .

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Joe Rethford

Riding motorcycles and playing guitar are two of Joe Rethford’s favorite hobbies – hobbies he didn’t think he’d ever be able to enjoy again after falling from a ladder and suffering two dual compound fractures in each wrist. Thanks to his doctors, donor tissue used for reconstruction, and extensive physical therapy, Joe was back on . . .

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Tiffany White & Daisetta Huggens

Daisetta Huggens struggled on dialysis for more than 11 years. She desperately needed a kidney transplant but insisted her daughter, Tiffany, not consider donating. “I wanted her to live her life, have children and not sacrifice for me,” said Daisetta. But Tiffany wanted her mom back, so at Daisetta’s doctor appointment she asked if she . . .

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Gary Class

Eight years ago, right before Thanksgiving, Gary Class was planning his funeral. “I thought for sure I wasn’t going to make it,” he said. This Thanksgiving, Class is more than thankful for the family that said yes to organ donation and allowed him to live again. “Just walking across the room was a chore for . . .

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Gentleman Nguyen

Shortly after Thanksgiving 2012, Gentleman Nguyen received the call that a liver was waiting for him. “I have much to be thankful for and feel better now than I have in a long time,”  Gentleman said. He spends his time now going to the gym to stay fit and healthy and take care of the . . .

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