Chad Stacy

Chad Stacy dedicated his adult life to others as a Marine, serving two tours in Iraq. His mother, Linda Isaac, said Chad’s choice to serve rang true to his personality.

“He had the biggest heart and the biggest smile,” she said.

When Chad suddenly passed away, Linda and her family learned he was a registered organ, eye and tissue donor.

“He made a poor choice to text and drive and was in a bad accident,” she said. “Instead of focusing on that, I like to focus on the good choice he made years before in signing up to be a donor to serve others.”

Through the hardship of losing her son, Linda has seen Chad’s donation as a way to replace some of her grief with hope.

“Donation has been key in helping me get through this,” she said. “I put my faith in God first, but then the opportunity to carry on Chad’s legacy and calling him our donor hero has been a blessing.”

Chad Stacy’s Family

Pictured from left to right: Chad’s sister Elisha Stacy; mother, Linda Isaac, and her husband, Donnavon Isaac; and sister Christina Blancarte