Cynthia Hardaway

Real-life stories of organ and tissue donation (Midwest Transplant Network, Kansas and Missouri)
In photo: Willie, Khadijah, and Aleah Hardaway (son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter) and LaCresha, Kiara, and Tamia Goode (daughter and granddaughters)

When Cynthia Hardaway suffered cardiac arrest on New Year’s Day 2014 while coming home from work and was pronounced brain dead at the hospital, her children Willie and LaCresha made the decision for her to be a donor. “I feel that was the best decision we made in our lifetime,” said LaCresha. “It has changed my outlook on life.”

Her fun-loving family remembers Cynthia for the Sunday dinners after church, watching movies, and hanging out on the “roof” and front porch. “She loved her family so much, especially her five grandkids and her Chihuahua Foxy.”

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