Hally Yust

Real-life stories of organ and tissue donation (Midwest Transplant Network, Kansas and Missouri)
In photo: Shon, Jenny, Parker, Macy and Zoey Yust (Dad, Mom and siblings)
Nine-year-old Hally Yust had a drive to do life big. She had a passion for basketball, water sports, and most importantly a love for Jesus. She declared that she was going to play basketball in college, become a coach someday, and even try out for the Olympics, and no one doubted that she would. In addition to being a competitive water skier, she enjoyed free diving and snorkeling with her parents, brother and sisters. Hally’s love of life seemed to be flowing out in so many ways the summer of 2014, when a tiny organism called an amoeba entered her body.

As Hally’s family sat in the hospital, they knew they wanted her to continue to give life to others through organ donation if she couldn’t be saved. “We have been blessed to be able to correspond with the recipient of Hally’s kidney and are comforted in knowing she continues to give to others,” said Jenny, Hally’s mother.

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