Jason Keck

Real-life stories of organ and tissue donation (Midwest Transplant Network, Kansas and Missouri)
In photo: Robert, Barbara, Scott, Angela, Johnathan, and Elizabeth Keck (Dad, Mom, Brothers and Sister-in-laws)

Jason Keck joined the Air Force after high school and then continued his service as part of the National Guard. He was committed to helping others, which made his decision to go to nursing school an obvious one for him. “He always wanted to help people, and he knew he wanted to be a nurse after his service,” said Jason’s older brother, Scott. It was on his way to work at a local hospital that he was in a motor vehicle accident, and he would have another opportunity to help others as a donor.

A proud father and husband, Jason’s parents will always remember his commitment to family. He is fondly remembered as the baby of the family, and always making his family and others a top priority. “Knowing he was able to help others as a donor means so much to all of us and has helped us all heal tremendously,” said Scott.

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