Reat Underwood

Real-life stories of organ and tissue donation (Midwest Transplant Network, Kansas and Missouri)
In photo: Mindy Corporon, Len Losen and Lukas Losen (mom, dad, brother)

When 14-year-old Reat Underwood went with his mother Mindy to get his driver’s permit, he said, “Mom, you are a donor, right?” After Mindy said yes, Reat turned with a smile to the woman behind the counter at the department of motor vehicles and said, “Then I will be a donor, too.” Mindy remembers as Reat passed away being initially devastated even more knowing he had died and could not be a donor because his heart had stopped, but then a nurse explained to her that he could still help others as a tissue donor. “Somehow, that meant his death was not a total loss,” said Mindy.

Reat loved to perform and was active in musical theater, debate and school performances with his choir. His family will always remember his big dimples, and bigger heart. “Even at 14, he would let me hold his hand as I drove him to school and was never afraid to stop and hug me,” said Mindy.

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